1. Some provisions of the law on types of documents accompanying the goods when being transported or circulated on the market:


Some basic cases

Basic documents attached



Ship goods from parent company (headquarters) to its branch / store or vice versa

- Internal delivery cum transport slip or VAT invoice corresponding to the shipment,

- Dispatch order.

The accompanying words may be the originals or copies with the legal stamp of the owner of the goods.      


Transportation of goods to offer


Transporting goods to fairs and exhibitions


Transporting goods as gifts or gifts; warranty goods


Transport of goods purchased from an organization / individual or sold to an organization / individual

VAT invoice corresponding to the shipment.  

- Delivery note (if any)


Transportation of goods is not finished products, raw materials - fuel, materials for reprocessing at another unit

- Outsourcing contract,

- Delivery note cum internal transport,

- Dispatch order.

Source : Refer to Joint Circular No. 64/2015 / TTLT-BCT-BCT-BCA-BQP dated May 8, 2015.


2. The provisions of SPEEDEX about the merchandise vouchers accompanying goods :                

 - For every merchandise category line dry, in containers containing:       

Staff SPEEDEX for chemical application, evidence from in the bag ni fur and envelopes; then, for inside the barrel line Barrel restaurant is clearly "yes chemical application, evidence from inside the barrel".                            

Rating number itself on the container line For example: piece 1, piece 2, piece 3 ....           

On the ballot sent (both 03 ventures ) specify the content: "Chemistry single witness from inside the bucket of ...". For example, the evidence from the Recycle number 3 is recorded as "Chemical single witness from inside the barrel of 3".                        

- For every merchandise category every liquid, every chemical substance or goods merchandise goods dry but not contained in the barrel:                 

Item liquids or goods chemical substances damage the chemical application, proof of go together. And items such as litchi plants, aluminum pipes ... are not packed into boxes. Both of these were able to witness from the original go together is.                           

Therefore, to prevent damage / missing evidence from the original, employees SPEEDEX request sender required to provide a copy (photo) chemical application, evidence from stamped legal entity.                     

Then employees SPEEDEX for replica merchandise single witness from on pocket ni fur and envelopes, stickers on condition row On the cover letter as well "Copies of chemical application, evidence from ".                                

Staff SPEEDEX slip sent separately to send evidence from the original to the recipient.      

3. Some notes for the sender:           

SPEEDEX only in charge of transport moving goods goods under strict quality norms which SPEEDEX commitment and announced.            

SPEEDEX will not be responsible when customers goods is the office of state custody / seizure which was caused by the sender does not comply with provisions of the law, including but not limited to: evidence from go together with goods wrong / missing chemistry imported goods without additional labels; each chemical has no clear origin; the goods do not comply with the conditions of the law.                                

When each chemical was the offices of state custody / President collect the sender must have the responsibility to coordinate with the concerned state to resolve the matter.              

- In case of sending tickets by SPEEDEX specified with chemical applications, documents inside the barrel and the receiver were up for sending tickets are implicitly SPEEDEX understand that the recipient has received certification from the sender assigned to the take. All complaints after when that SPEEDEX will not be responsible for settlement.