Development process

SPEEDEX VIET NA POST CO., LTD by a team of young, enthusiastic, ambitious and capable young people in the field of domestic and international express delivery. Over nearly 20 years of establishment and sustainable development, Speedex Vietnam has now affirmed its name and brand name in the express market. Currently, Speedex's postal network has expanded to almost all provinces and cities across the country, providing domestic and international express delivery services and transportation services to many customers. in order to bring efficiency at work, for the development and prosperity of customers, for the sustainability of Speedex and for the general development of the country. 1. FLEXIBLE SERVICES GIVE CUSTOMERS MANY CHOICES Domestic courier service: On the market today there are many companies operating in the field of domestic and international express. However, Speedex Vietnam is committed to be one of the leading postal service providers. The factor that makes us so confident is that a team of staff is responsible, enthusiastic about the job. Moreover, Speedex's freight rate is commensurate with its quality, in accordance with the needs and capabilities of its customers. In addition, with a distribution network spanning most of the provinces across the country, Speedex can control all stages from the receipt of parcels and parcels to customers to ensure the quality of the service. highest service. Timed and express service: With the aim of maximizing the work efficiency of customers, Speedex Vietnam provides express and timed services to provincial and city centers. Cash collection service (COD): Is the service that the customer (sender) requires the service provider to collect money from the receiver and return it to the customer within a certain time. Refund service A service where mail, after trying to deliver to the recipient many times but unsuccessfully, requests a refund. International express delivery service: With the trend of increasingly strong globalization, there are many international express delivery firms on the market today. In the Vietnamese market, there are also more than 20 international express carriers. Speedex Vietnam has cooperated with famous brands such as DHL, FEDEX, TNT, TOLL EXPRESS, UPS,…. Ensure shipping mail, goods of customers to all territories and countries around the world. 2. A PROFESSIONAL WORKING CULTURE Fast: As a domestic and international courier service provider, more than anyone else, Speedex understands the importance and expectations of customers when using this service. Therefore, Speedex always puts the delivery time of postal parcels and parcels on top priority in providing services. Professionalism: With a staff of deeply trained professionals, with solid industry expertise, enthusiastic attitude, politeness, responsibility at work, Speedex is committed to providing customers with trust. when using the service. Efficiency: In order to ensure the long-term cooperation, parallel development of both sides, Speedex always balances the customer's work efficiency with Speedex's business performance. This is the inseparable reciprocity that Speedex is committed to. Keeping TRUST to customers: Speedex's motto is for the benefit of customers, ensuring the provision of services that committed customers with the highest sense of responsibility and efficiency. 3. FULL AND MODERN FACILITIES With a network of branches, partners and collaborators covering almost all provinces and cities across the country, Speedex is committed to providing customers with efficient and fast domestic express delivery services. A team of motor vehicles and specialized vehicles fully serving the needs of customers. A team of 500 employees with solid qualifications, basic and specialized training. Equipment and tools to serve customers' requirements such as bills of lading, envelopes, packing boxes. 4. QUALIFICATION CONTRIBUTION SUPPORT SERVICES Customer care: Speeedex Vietnam builds a loyal customer system and implements a regime of enthusiastic and attentive care. Customer consulting: In order to ensure efficiency and speed in work for customers, Speedex staff always advise customers to have the best choice. Complaints: Speedex commits to respond to complaints within 10 minutes of receiving customer complaints. For domestic services, the maximum time limit for accepting a complaint is 6 months. For international services, the maximum time limit for accepting complaints is 3 months. Compensation: Speedex compensates according to the provisions of the Vietnam Post Law, or under the contract, or under the agreement between the two parties and is committed to giving customers the best trust and satisfaction.