Open letter

Dear: Customer Speedex Vietnam Postal Company Limited (Speedex) with international trade name Speedex Vietnam., Jsc was established on June 26, 2006 by a team of young, enthusiastic, ambitious and capable young people in the field. domestic and international express delivery. Domestic courier service Over the past 11 years of establishment and sustainable development, BC Speedex Vietnam has now affirmed its name and brand name in the courier market. Currently, Speedex has expanded its express network and provided express delivery services to 64/64 provinces across the country and more than 230 countries globally. Speedex manages postal parcels by Internet from receiving, sending, dividing, managing and distributing Parcel Parcel. Speedex creates many advantages for complaints and checks of customers' postal parcels on the website: International Express Service: Currently, there are hundreds of international express carriers in the world, from powerful multinational corporations to small courier companies. In Vietnam, there are also more than 20 international express carriers with world-famous names. Speedex cooperates with international express carriers such as: DHL. TNT, Fedex, UPS… .. ensure to transport mail, documents, goods for customers to all countries in the world. With the motto of working professionally and efficiently, keeping the word TRUST with customers, Speedex always ensures the long-term cooperation and parallel development of both parties, Speedex always balances the effectiveness of the client's work. to Speedex's business performance. This is the inseparable reciprocity that Speedex is committed to. Speedex manages customers on the basis of decentralized management, ensuring all Viettel Post customers are taken care of. Speedex builds a customer loyalty system and implements a special care regime. With great advantages in network and long-term experience in delivery, Speedex has been cooperating with many strategic partners such as MB Military Joint Stock Bank, Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. Vietnam, French Bank BNP Paribas, German Bank AG Bank, Deloitte Auditing Company, KPMG Auditing Company, ACCA Auditing Company, Microsoft Vietnam Software Company, World Family Health Organization, American Red Cross, Organization .. GIZ, Vietnam Reinsurance Corporation, Hanoi Saigon Beer Corporation, VTI International Telecommunication Corporation, Finance and Electricity Joint Stock Company - Group electricity, and many other customers. Speedex always commits to serve all customers' needs with the best service quality.