Service introduction - Cash Collection Service (COD) is a special service that the sender can use in conjunction with other postal services to authorize the Post Office to collect a sum of money from the receiver when delivering the item (goods ) and return the money to the sender - The maximum value of a postal item is VND 50,000,000 (fifty million dong). Rights and responsibilities of the parties - Customer's rights and responsibilities: a, The sender and receiver have the right to authorize others to receive the item, to receive money and to resolve other issues related to the service. b, The sender and receiver have the right to complain about the service. c, The sender is compensated if SPX causes losses to COD items d, If the receiver refuses to receive the COD, the sender is responsible for paying SPX the charges for the COD item and the refund freight. e, The sender is responsible for solving all issues related to the type, quality, price of the goods in COD items and agree with the receiver to be responsible for paying the charges payable to SPX. . g, The sender and receiver must comply with the regulations and instructions related to the service. - Rights and responsibilities of SPX: a. SPX has the right to request the sender and receiver to present the identity card and the required documents when completing the procedures for sending, delivering postal items and returning the COD money order. b. SPX is not responsible for all matters related to the quality, type and price of goods included in COD items. c. SPX is responsible for compensating customers if any loss occurs.